Benefits of Membership

We have provided instruction, motivation and inspiration for more than 30 years to over 100 ministries. Our effort has always been to provide services to the stigmatized population of Xoffenders and their families. Taking these services to the next level has always been our goal. Now we can support this goal with collaborative network FUNDRAISING.

Thexoffender Network is an LLC headed by it's CEO Antonio "Tony" Hall, the mission is to provide equal opportunity and resources to all members. We cater to the resource needs of many different organizations and businesses. Helping meet fundraising goals for each individual cause. 


Non-profit Organization Members

  • Can receive donated funds through the network
  • To receive these funds the organization must become an approved registered member Sign Up!
  • After registering, send documentation (501-C3 verification, plans, etc...) via email for approval
  • Create a Campaign, Allow others to see your cause and donate!
  • All organizations will receive tax documents for filing purposes


For-Profit Organization Members, Small Group Members, and Individual Members

  • Can receive investments from our network donor resources 
  • To receive funding for projects and/or programs, the group, or individual must become an approved registered member
  • to gain approval for funding you must:
    • Register with the site
    • Send a plan or proposal for needed funds via email  
  • Following approval, a campaign page must be created


Please send all needed documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.