The Network provides the collaborative answers to resources.

It is our goal to give every opportunity for the stability of the work of the ministries state by state. 

We have provided instruction, motivation, and inspiration for more than 30 years to over 100 ministries. 

Our theme has been taking support services to the stigmatized population to the next level. Now we can support this goal with collaborative FUNDRAISING.


1. Enter your information and one of our associate will get in touch with you 

2. Keep handy any information regarding your ministry to be sent electronically 

3. We require proof of an active service in the community in at least one or more of the following stages: (Prerelease inside the Institutions), (Reentry; housing or not), (Retention; in your church, organization or other), family ministry, prevention, intervention...


1. List your organization and start a fundraising 

2. Inform and encourage the people around you so your organization will benefit from that support

3. Simultaneously we will arrange for training in your organization (please ask for the cost here)

Benefits of Membership:

1.  Network Promotions 

2.  Network Trainings 

3.  Collaboration in grants and other funding

4.  Sharing in human resources and expertise

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